Story number 4 for 28 Jan 2002

By January 28, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, Bible translators are hoping Asian Americans catch the vision of Bible translation abroad. Under a new program called ‘Asian Diaspora’, Wycliffe Bible Translators has a plan in place to mobilize them to help translate Scripture into the remaining three-thousand languages. Min-Young Jung is the International Coordinator. “Asian churches have not yet been fully mobilized despite their enormous potential. So, that’s one reason. Another is it looks like the world is somehow closing its doors to traditional missionaries.” JAARS, which speeds Bible translation by providing quality services for Wycliffe Bible translators and others, is in need of 210 computer workers to help. Jung says North American recruiting is just the beginning. “There are many, many ethnic Asian Christians and Churches all over the world. So, this ministry will eventually expand to other parts of the Globe.”

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