Story number 4 for 28 Nov 2001

By November 28, 2001

(Argentina)–Elsewhere, evangelist Luis Palau is looking forward to a homecoming of sorts. He’s headed back to his hometown of Cordoba, Argentina for an evangelistic festival November 30-December 1. Luis Palau Evangelistic Association’s Jim Williams says the timing of their visit is good because the area is experiencing a lot of instability. “This is perhaps the worst financial crisis in Argentina’s history. So, there is unemployment of up to 18-percent, and sub-employment much higher than that. There is unrest and insecurity all over the country right now.” Williams says in the situation has people primed for the Gospel. “They’re looking for something; they’re looking for some type of hope. If we can get them–this festival set up for the last several years certainly gets many more non-Christians to hear the Gospel than the traditional crusade did.”

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