Story number 4 for 28 Sep 2001

By September 28, 2001

(Brazil)–Meanwhile, seeing Brazil turn to Christ is strategic in reaching South America and other parts of the world with the Gospel. That’s the word from Bible Literature International’s Brad Quicksall. “There are 170 million people that live in Brazil. Just that fact along makes it strategic to reach, but beyond that Brazil is a leader in the economic realm in South America. And, it will have an impact on all of Latin America. And, even beyond to other Portuguese speaking countries.” Quicksall says they will be providing Christian literature to national organizations. He expects it to be a two pronged approach. “Certainly it will be helping with training of leaders because they can duplicate themselves throughout the country and then it will also be working with children because there’s such a need for that. There are just so many street kids in Brazil – hundreds of thousands. It’s something that we can’t ignore. It’s a crying need down there.”

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