Story number 4 for 29 Aug 2002

By August 29, 2002

(Mexico)–Next, a ministry reaching out to the people of Mexico is asking people to think about Christmas. Yugo Ministry’s Wayne Freeland says they’re looking for churches to participate in “Project Joy”. Freeland says It’s a Christmas box program. “We provide the instructions and then typically in November for three or four weeks they’ll have a Christmas tree and allow people to come and take tags off of the tree, prepare the shoe box Christmas gifts, and then bring them back. And they’re of course set to us here for presentation in Mexico.” Freeland says shared this story of how these gifts ministered at one Mexican church. “When we started counting there were over 250 children. The pastor and the assistant pastor at the church told us, ‘we don’t where these kids are coming from.’ And so, it was an opportunity to minister to those who were part of that church family and provide an outreach to their community.”

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