Story number 4 for 29 Jul 2003

By July 29, 2003

(International)–Elsewhere, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s staff and student leaders recently gathered for “World Assembly ’03” in the Netherlands. Intervarsity’s President Alec Hill explains the point behind the international meetings. “I think the purpose of the Assembly is two-fold. One is, just fellowship, to get everybody together to provide a lot of encouragement. Some of these movements are very isolated. The second purpose, I think really, is to strategize where we’re going in the future, what we want to become, what nations do we want to reach.” Becky Stephen coordinated the World Assembly’s delegates. She urges prayer for staff to help them see the bigger picture. “People can thank God that He’s making Himself known to students. That was very evident that the transformation that God promises in scripture is happening. So, people can pray that the staff would have wisdom to know how to communicate the Gospel in those cultural contexts.”

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