Story number 4 for 29 May 2000

By May 29, 2000

And finally, Shelter Now is reporting that a tribe of refugees from the Western Saharan wars 26 years ago, are involved in an exciting student exchange program. Shelter Now’s Jeff Johnstone explains what’s happening. “It’s a war zone-like a lot of places that we go to minister the love Christ…there is a war that is ongoing-has been ongoing for 26 years. There are a little less than 180 thousand that are still living in tents. We’ve been involved for a couple of years now and we’re bringing 22 children from the middle of the dessert over here to Wisconsin as an exchange program.” Johnstone says the program is used as a reward for good academics. He adds, the program has been another way to reach people with the love of Christ. “This is a Muslim culture, and so it’s interesting for us to bring the children over here-we do place them in Christian homes, just to show them the love of God. We have had great opportunities to go into the camps; the doors are open, especially for SNI right now. This is a forgotten people-pray for them.”

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