Story number 4 for 3 Apr 2000

By April 3, 2000

Next, food is the tool being used to get the Gospel into the hearts of the people of Liberia. After nearly a decade of civil war, many thousand of people are hungry because the war destroyed farms and infrastructure that allows for food distribution. Feeding Starving Children’s Richard Sandbatch. “We have gathered and garnered here already in our warehouse 5 containers of food, clothing, medicines and medical supplies to go to the church organizations in Liberia and it’s going to be distributed to the needy and the poor.” Sandbatch says people can’t hear the Gospel if the bellies are empty. He has a challenge for those listening. “If they would consider taking five minutes a day just to pray for the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in Liberia. Their food may be on the way, but sometimes when you’re in the midst of storm you need to have the comfort of prayer.”

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