Story number 4 for 3 Feb 2003

By February 3, 2003

(Ecuador) — Next, pastors and lay leaders were able to receive much needed training in Ecuador over the weekend. Global Advance held a Frontline Shepherd’s conference in city of Cuenca (kwehn-kah). Doctor David Shibley reported from the conference. “To our knowledge this is the first ever pastors conference that has convened particularly the evangelical pastors coming together. There was just a tremendous session on growing your church through prayer. And, right now, they’re being trained in evangelism and focusing on the Gospel and the planting of new churches.” Shibley believes this training could potentially do more than plant more churches in Ecuador. “The church in Ecuador is still incipient in its missions vision. And, I believe that there are some who as a result of this conference will not only plant new churches throughout Ecuador, that also some will go as missionaries from Ecuador to other nations of the earth.”

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