Story number 4 for 3 Jan 2001

By January 3, 2001

We turn our attention next to the Evangelical Free Church Mission, which has launched a new ministry called the “Global Ministry Summit”. EFCM’s Dan Grell explains what that means for church leaders in the United States. “The basic thrust is to give them support and resources and help them grow in their ability to reach the world for Christ. We’re bringing people together to work on an issue before us. When you bring people together to discuss and challenge one another, I would define that as a summit.” Grell adds that since the ministry was launched last year, they’ve expanded to seven more conferences in 2001. The purpose? To help keep the missions vision alive. “We’re working at on-going interaction with these people, helping them with hands-on opportunities. It helps our Evangelical Free Churches connect and partner with us as a mission agency.”

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