Story number 4 for 3 Jan 2003

By January 3, 2003

(Honduras)–Elsewhere, the latest news from the Philippines indicates that Abu Sayyaf militants are targeting foreign and local businessmen and tourists for ransom or murder. International Aid’s Billy Teninty (tenedy) says they’ve launched work in the Philippines despite the troubles being reported there. In fact, Teninty says, “We try to facilitate everything we do through Christian organizations or through the local church. And so, our primary partner there is a Christian non-profit organization. We partner with them both in this training program in medical equipment repair, and in other relief works.” Because the medical work is ministry,Teninty says prayer is an important component. “It’s a new work, so we would ask for prayers just for the Lord’s protection and Lord’s blessing on the work. We’ve got an excellent staff that are there as project coordinators. But, do be praying for us; be praying for the people of the Philippines. There’s a lot going on in the country that people are concerned about.”

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