Story number 4 for 3 Jun 2003

By June 3, 2003

(Ukraine)–Next, Ukraine’s president wants to speed up plans to enter the World Trade Organization by one year. The country’s entry should help stabilize the economy, allowing an emergence from dependency. Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says they’re also fine-tuning their orphanage focus. “What we’re trying to do now is, instead of providing them help on a monthly basis, try to provide help them with some means that they can care for themselves. One unique example was being able to go in and help buy some chickens, some pigs and some cows for an orphanage so that they’ll be able to produce their own food all year round.” Smith says because their teams are known believers, they sometimes run into difficulty. “There’ve been reports that some places have not been allowing folks into the orphanage. Please continue to pray for openness, because when things start to work and there’s effects of people coming to know Christ, there’s always an opportunity for some obstruction and some hindrance.”

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