Story number 4 for 3 Mar 2003

By March 3, 2003

(USA)–Meanwhile, hearts are being renewed in a small town in the United States. According to Life Action Revival Ministry’s Byron Paulus, it’s an incredible story of God working in the hearts of people in Harlon, Kentucky. “The mayor came to Christ. One of the most influential businessmen in the whole community came to Christ. Then a few weeks after that I came across a AP story that said this, ‘Sex shop switches to Bibles’. We called the pastor who we’d been with and we said, ‘pastor, are you aware of this story?” And he went on to say, ‘we surely are. This is a true story. He came to Christ, changed the name of the adult bookstore, painted it a different color and turned it into a Christian bookstore immediately.’ He said, ‘let me tell you another story’, he said, ‘the number one bootlegger in our community has now come to Christ also.’ We said, ‘he did?’ And he said, ‘no, SHE did, and she was 99 years old.'” Pray for Life Action’s work as they encourage this type of renewal all across the United States.

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