Story number 4 for 30 Apr 2002

By April 30, 2002

(USA)–Elsewhere, with the National Day of Prayer just a few days away in the U-S, hundreds of people are reading through the Bible just before the event in Washington DC. Bible Pathway Ministries and the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship are sponsoring the Bible Reading Marathon. The coordinator of the event is Pastor Michael Hall. “We believe that we’re giving witness to Isaiah 55:11, that God’s Word will not return void. For 80 hours, we come together around the word of God and we just let the Word take preeminence. So, we see it moving and changing people even as they walk by the event.” Hall says the Center for Christian Statesmanship is a big part of the effort. “They’re the ones that are responsible for bringing the legislators down here. Each year they have brought down anywhere from 10 to12 or 13 legislators each year and staffers who come down and read. And, those same lawmakers come down and they encourage us.”

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