Story number 4 for 30 Sep 2002

By September 30, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, the number of people going on short-term mission trips is on the increase. Since 9-11, short-term mission participation fell significantly. However, according to World Help’s Mike Clinton, more people are joining their Extreme Expeditions overseas mission trips. “It’s rebounded, it’s just people are a little more cautious than they were in the past. We want to try to get a lot of college students excited about going on Spring Break trips this year. So, we have four Spring Break trips. Those are at different times to target every Spring Break if we can.” Clinton says Extreme Expeditions aren’t like your typical short-term mission trips. “We’re not just taking them and doing a little vacation. One of the uniqueness of Extreme Expeditions is that when we get to the country we immerse them in the culture. We want them to really get a sense in a short period of time of what it would be like to live and minister in the country that we go to.” World Help will be taking teams to areas that are predominately unreached with the Gospel like Nepal and India. Trips to Ireland and Russia are also planned.

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