Story number 4 for 31 Dec 2001

By December 31, 2001

(World) — Meanwhile, Medical Ambassadors International will be using Community Health Evangelism to reach out to the lost in the Muslim world. That’s the word from MAI’s Glenn Penner, who says they will be focusing on two areas in 2002. “We’ll be conducting training sessions for small groups of believers in two Muslim areas. And, the goal is to enable them to minister to the neighbors both physically and spiritually and hopefully lead some to Christ. Just like when Jesus went out to preach and to heal – to minister to their physical needs as well.” Penner says this type of outreach has been effective. He explains how their Christian training teams in Albania led committee members to Christ. “The committee members and the volunteers may not be believers. In Korce, of the seven committee members selected only two were believers and five were not. However, over the course of the next few months all five accepted the Lord, including the Mayor.”

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