Story number 4 for 31 Jan 2001

By January 31, 2001

(China)–And finally, we bring you an update on a mission organization in mainland China. While things are going well, to name both the group and the workers would jeopardize their development projects. In light of that, outreach there has a whole new set of challenges to deal with. We’ll call our source ‘Paul’. “We choose to identify ourselves as Christians and use every opportunity we can to weave in Biblical teaching and our Christian identity. In dealing with officials, we’ve made clear that we’re believers and we’re redefining for them what it means to be a foreign Christian worker in their country.” Paul says they need prayer. “There’s big division in the Chinese church and we need to ask the Lord to sustain the revival that has been happening in China and is still happening, by not allowing Satan to break it down into division, fighting and backbiting. But rather, to see the believers nurtured to maturity so that the harvest that’s being reaped during these days will lead to a strong and stable church.”

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