Story number 4 for 31 Jan 2003

By January 31, 2003

(USA) — Next, the World By Radio partnership continues to reach the world’s mega languages with the Gospel. HCJB World Radio is a part of the effort. HCJB World Radio’s Vice President of Operations Tom Narwold says they’ve made fine progress in 17 years. “We have identified 372, what we call, mega-languages – languages that have over one-million speakers. HCJB World Radio had 23 of those languages assigned and right now we’re looking at finishing off the last two, so for us it’s a real milestone.” Narwold tells us about those two languages. “The last two that we had to get on the air were Kituba. That’s a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And, Chechen, a language spoken in Chechnya, Russia. So, we’re hoping within the next six months these languages will be on the air.” Narwold says HCJB isn’t stopping at 23 languages. Work continues in at least ten other languages in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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