Story number 4 for 31 Oct 2000

By October 31, 2000

Meanwhile, American Leprosy Mission is starting a new program that’s aimed at helping the future needs of leprosy victims in Thailand and Cameroon. ALM’s Matthew Maury says they’re partnering with HEFFER Project International to help with micro enterprise development. “American Leprosy Missions is helping to train families in livestock projects and microcredit programs using animals and agricultural training. So people are more able to have economic independence and at the same time are hearing the good news of Jesus.” According to Maury, participants are learning how to raise chickens, rabbits, cattle, or other animals to earn a living. He says they’re able to share the Gospel because of key partnerships. “Our two key partners in Thailand are Christian organizations and so as we’re doing the rehabilitation work and overcoming the stigma a good portion of that is sharing the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus and families that we’re partnering with there have come to Christ.”

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