Story number 4 for 31 Oct 2002

By October 31, 2002

(International)–Meanwhile, it’s being widely reported that the global church is growing, in spite of efforts to suppress Christianity. Global Advance’s David Shibley says as evangelistic work continues, that movement is being met with a desperate request for help. “I believe pastors, particularly in developing nations, are sensing both the momentum of the Holy Spirit, and the urgency of intensified persecution. We sense the urgency with these pastors, that time is short, perhaps, for the advancement of the Gospel, and that some areas that may be open to us now, may not be open to us in the future.” Shibley says it’s important that the church leaders are trained and equipped now, so that they have tools they need in their hands. “In response to their plea, we are moving from 30 conferences this year, to a record 46 Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences in 2003.”

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