Story number 4 for 4 Apr 2001

By April 4, 2001

(Australia)–We turn next to Australia, where Christian teaching radio programming is needed to help reach the lost with the Gospel. Wayne Phillips owns Freshstream FM, one of only two commercial Christian radio outlets in Australia. Phillips says the need to reach the lost is great. “When you look our percentage of people who are really committed to Christ we’re looking at very low percentages these days. I think perhaps even below five percent now. When that’s taken into account with trying to raise resources for local Christian radio mission there aren’t a lot of dollars around for those things to happen.” According to Phillips, there’s a need for more radio outlets to be effective, so he’s looking for help around the world. “We will need some sort of investment injection to do that. And, we see that, I guess coming from partnership with Christian broadcasters. It may be with Christian business. It may come locally here in Australia, or it could come from overseas.” They need 100-thousand dollars to make that happen.

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