Story number 4 for 4 Jan 2000

By January 4, 2000

Elsewhere, American Leprosy Mission is excited to be involved with a new
global alliance to focus on countries still struggling with outbreaks of leprosy.
ALM’s Chris Doyle says they recently joined the effort in order to better meet physical
and spiritual needs. “We think we’ve got the bases covered worldwide. This alliance
was launched and we’re glad to be a part of this alliance to try to really focus on some
of these countries that really need some help to eliminate leprosy as a public health
problem.” Doyle says their involvement with the partnership allows them to fulfill their
mission. “American Leprosy Mission’s focus and purpose is on the spiritual side. The
physical side, in providing leprosy treatment and rehabilitation is sort of our ‘open door’
to work with people and to work in some of the countries where you couldn’t
otherwise go as missionaries. But, our main purpose is to share the good news of the
Gospel of Jesus Christ with these people.”

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