Story number 4 for 4 Jul 2000

By July 4, 2000

Meanwhile, hundreds of churches in the United States are taking a step forward in evangelism. It’s all part of the Celebrate Jesus 50-Day Spiritual Adventure by Mainstay Church Resources. Mainstay’s Greg Asimakoupoulos. “What this does, I think, is use Jesus as the ultimate example, looking at the natural relational ways he had of building bridges. Speaking the language of the culture and Jesus really learned to communicate and build bridges through identifying metaphors and word pictures in the culture that allowed him to communicate God’s truth.” Asimakoupoulos says churches are beginning to do the same and he’s seeing results. “We receive almost on a weekly basis, documentation of those that have had a nominal knowledge of the Savior, who for the first time, desires a relationship and they’ve entered into that relationship.”

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