Story number 4 for 5 Dec 2002

By December 5, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, Dare 2 Share is using food to help open doors to share the Gospel in the United States. Dare 2 Share’s Greg Stier says after they train students in their “Last Chance” seminars, they’re sending them out to share their faith. But, now they’re using food to open the door. “Basically, we turn these kids loose in pre-designated areas to go door to door and they collected canned good for the rescue mission. And, in addition to that, use that as an entrĂ©e into a Gospel presentation.” Recently in Denver, Stier says 48-hundred students collected 10-tons of canned goods, witnessed to seven-thousand people and saw over 400 people come to Christ. He says funding is needed to train more young people. “The Lord has been growing the ministry. We’re about 30-percent above last year’s budget, but we’re about 30-percent below our projected budget for this tour. So, we’re as with countless ministries out there are just asking God to move in the hearts of potential partners and help them to get on board.”

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