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Published on 05 February, 1999

Story number 4 for 5 Feb 1999

Meanwhile, an evangelical missions group is translating scripture portions for use among the Mnong people in Vietnam. Brother Paul of Asian Minorities Outreach says much of the Mnong Bible translation work was destroyed when the communists when they took over two decades ago. “We’re not printing a whole Bible, but we have found that there’s about 500 scriptures that were saved from the 1970’s as well as a large collection of hymns and songs. And, so the Mnong believers asked us if we can print these books which contain very sound theology.” Brother Paul says these scripture portions will have a huge impact on the church there. “Many tribal languages in Asia the believers there don’t really learn God’s word so much by reading big books, or by listening to preaching, but they best learn by singing worship songs that contain God’s word.” Paul says as the Mnong sing the songs, they’re able to introduce people to Christ. A-M-O is hoping to raise some 20-thousand-dollars for the project.

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  • Primary Language: Vietnamese
  • Primary Religion: Buddhism
  • Evangelical: 1.8%
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