Story number 4 for 5 Feb 2001

By February 5, 2001

(Greece) — Next, while the Summer Olympics in Greece are more than three years away, an evangelical ministry is gearing up for outreach. AMG International‘s Paul Jenks says they’re trying to raise some one-point-six million dollars to have short and long term impact for the Kingdom. “There’s a short term goal which would be to use the facilities for outreach among young people there in Athens at this time. The medium range goal would be actually to prepare and do the outreach at the time of the Olympics in 2004. Then ultimately on that facility we would like to see the first evangelical Christian school established.” Jenks says they’re planning a bike ride from Cincinnati to Niagra Falls in June to raise money to purchase the property for the center. “We’re hoping to have 20-25 people participate in this trip. We hope to be staying in churches and Christian schools, but then also we’re going to be asking the participants to find sponsors.”

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