Story number 4 for 5 Mar 2001

By March 5, 2001

(Asia)–Next, an evangelical group is preparing Korean Christians to reach out into an area firmly closed to the Gospel. Voice of China and Asia, an 85-year-old ministry targeting people in the Orient, has opened schools, orphanages and a theological training center to train people for this outreach. Voice of China’s Ruth Kramer “We have a seminary in Korea where pastors are studying and they’re really making an effort to get into North Korea so that when it does open they can just flood the gates open with getting the Gospel in there. Because this is a whole new mission field.” Kramer says because of a poor economy, Voice of China and Asia, is looking for people to sponsor students. “The problem is that all of these students have to pay for their education after the sixth grade. And, if they don’t have a scholarship or somebody to underwrite them then they can’t go to school.”

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