Story number 4 for 5 Nov 1999

By November 5, 1999

Meanwhile, ministries who are reaching out to the spiritual needs of people in China are meeting this weekend in Thailand. President of International Aid Ralph Plumb is there today. He explains why they’re meeting together. “For reasons of security we don’t identify the name of the conference or the attendees, but this is one of about two major gatherings that ministry partners come together and share what’s happening in the different provinces. International Aid has had a long history of ministry in China and so we’re looking forward to expanding our base of networking with other ministries and evangelists and church leaders.” Plumb says Christian work has been largely successful in China. “75 to 100 million Christians (is) the range of estimates currently. Despite the fact that Christianity is not encouraged, there is a strong growth taking place both in the Three Self church and also in the variety of house churches.” Mission Network News Greg Yoder will be with International Aid next week in China.

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