Story number 4 for 6 Aug 2003

By August 6, 2003

(Ethiopia)–Next, Ethiopia is emerging as the scene of the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis. The United Nations says not since 1984 has the food security issue in this area been so severe. Famine response is also falling short; but aid officials say food alone isn’t enough to prevent thousands from dying. Living Water International’s Lew Hough (lou huff) says this is where their work breaches traditional response methods. “Ethiopia is a good example of an area that is on the edge of really a desperate situation. It’s one that we’re trying to work with other aid agencies and other development groups to go in and really begin to provide a large scale source of clean water for some of these areas.” Huff says through their training, they teach the local believers the value of ‘hands-on’ faith. “We don’t want to do a good work for God, we want to do God’s work, whether that be in Ethiopia, or any of the other countries that we’re in. Certainly, that would be my prayer, is that we be sensitive to God’s leading so that we know that this is in His hands.”

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