Story number 4 for 6 Jul 2000

By July 6, 2000

Next, World Servants is a group of believers who are help move people toward being Christ-centered servants and leaders. The organization does this through training and short-term cross-cultural mission experiences. World Servants’ Chris Clum says there is much that goes into the decision of where they send teams. “If we’re going to go into a community, we want to see [if there] is going to be the potential for us to be able to go in for a longer term, mobilize multiple teams, and if we can do that, is there an ability for us to have impact. We’re not just going into a country because there’s needs but that we can really be part of something where there’s long term impact.” World Servants has several short-term missions teams serving throughout Central and South America, parts of Eastern Europe and the Appalachia’s. Remember to pray for team members as they spread the hope of the Gospel with others.

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