Story number 4 for 6 Jul 2001

By July 6, 2001

(Taiwan)–Turning elsewhere, the church in Taiwan is preparing for a destiny unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. That’s the word from Global Advance’s David Shibley. He says despite the political tensions surrounding the future of Taiwan: “The young people of Taiwan realize that very momentous events are inevitably going to happen between Taiwan and the Mainland, probably within this decade. What is thrilling to me is to see that many Taiwanese young people are very committed to seeing the Gospel advance not only throughout their nation, but also throughout the mainland of China.” Shibley says the attitude is contagious. He says other believers are encouraged: “…to hear the thrilling stories of how Taiwanese pastors are going into the Mainland to the underground churches of China and training the enormous response that is happening in China right now to the Gospel.”

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