Story number 4 for 6 May 2002

By May 6, 2002

(Ghana)–We turn next to Ghana, where remote areas are still steeped in fetish customs. According to the International Needs Network’s Dave Culross, much to their surprise, the practice remains deeply ingrained in all aspects of the culture. “Today, in Ghana, a slavery of women has been discovered out in the remote areas along the Volta river in villages where women were enslaved to the village priests…this was discovered by the director of our ministry there and some other Christian workers. We have been helping to release some of these women from this slavery condition.” Culross says in the first 3 years of the project over 650 women were assisted. The project is now self-supporting, but needs prayer. “There has to be a great amount of concern and prayer for the safety of our leadership there. They are in constant jeopardy because the people that are opposed to this are very, very radical and dedicated to their beliefs, and they could do some very harmful things.”

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