Story number 4 for 6 May 2003

By May 6, 2003

(Greece)–Elsewhere, Athens’ officials say they’ve passed their first big security test in advance of hosting the 2004 Olympics. Preparations are picking up speed now, as the deadline for the Games draws nearer. AMG International’s Fotis Romeos says there’s excitement brewing because: “The Olympic Games are coming back to their birthplace in modern times, and also, they’re coming back into a biblical land. We’re excited to have the Olympic games in Europe in the secular postmodern era and we are trying to put together Christian witness around the Olympics of Athens.” Romeos says there’s a lot to accomplish over the next year. He’s urging prayer because of the logistical hurdles they’re facing. “The challenge that we are facing in Greece is the very little infrastructure that we have. There’s a very, very small number of churches that they can provide an infrastructure or such a great event. We anticipate to have more than five thousand volunteers to come to help for the Games.”

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