Story number 4 for 7 Aug 2001

By August 7, 2001

(Middle East)–Meanwhile, a Christian satellite television ministry is touching the physical and spiritual needs of people in Middle East. SAT-7’s Ron Ensminger says there are over three-million children at risk of dehydration. He says because of illiteracy, symptoms go undetected. Ensminger wants to change that. “We’re hoping to position the rehydration packages in faith based locations throughout the region, principally churches, etc. And so, in the name of Christ we can on air educate the people and hopefully point them to a very, very reasonable solution.” According to Ensminger, reaching out in this way is new for SAT-7. “Our content has not been humanitarian. It’s been evangelistic or discipleship, but we just feel that we have a social responsibility in the name of Christ to start to touch on health issues and literacy issues and things like that. We’re offering these solutions in the name of Christ.”

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