Story number 4 for 7 Aug 2003

By August 7, 2003

(Latin America)–Elsewhere, it’s well known that the other part of evangelism is discipleship. For mission agencies, that poses new challenge, especially as they try to help church leaders in remote or inaccessible areas of Latin America. CAM International’s Aaron Sandoval explains how the internet opened new doors for their outreach. “CAM International has realized the value of the internet as a tool for sermon outlines, study guides, articles, things that could be put to use immediately in the church and take them through the resource of the internet to these pastors in some areas of Latin America who do not have access to these Christian materials.” Team members took distribution as a matter of prayer. Sandoval says they found the answer staring them in the face. “Just about every little town in Latin America has an internet cafĂ© in the center of the town. So, taking advantage of that infrastructure, we’ve been able to use it to take some of these materials and put it directly in their hands.”

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