Story number 4 for 7 Feb 2003

By February 7, 2003

(International)–Meanwhile, plans are in the works for a special service-orientation and outreach festival. YUGO Ministries’ Wayne Freeland says they are one of the leading agencies of an event expected to reach thousands with a purpose. “Missionfest is designed to communicate what is happening in missions around the world, to challenge and mobilize people for missions involvement, and to train those who want to participate in missions’ work.” The event is slated for March 14th and 15th in Southern California. Freeland explains that many partnering churches are looking to broaden their vision of evangelistic ministry on both sides of the border. “Certainly we would like to see the general missions’ knowledge of what’s happening around the world be encouraging to the people who come. In addition to that, want to answer their questions and let them see what is happening in missions, and the fact that many people from all across North America can be involved.”

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