Story number 4 for 7 Jan 2002

By January 7, 2002

(Senegal)–Meanwhile, the Bible is desperately needed in Senegal, West Africa. The Bible League’s Africa Director Joseph Owens says Scripture is in short supply and that’s why they’ve established a new program there. “There’s been fewer than 5,000 Bible importing into Senegal in the last five years and many fewer New Testaments. There’s very little Scripture use in Senegal. Also, there’s a very resistant Muslim population and we’re focused on having an impact on Muslims in French Africa.” The Bible League is a Scripture placement ministry. Owens says they’re training Christians in Bible study, which will expand the church in this predominately Muslim country. “The studies that we use in Senegal talk about Jesus meeting people for the first time and the kinds of things he said. People find that fascinating – Muslims also, and we hope to see the same great results we’ve seen elsewhere.”

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