Story number 4 for 7 Jul 2003

By July 7, 2003

(India)–Elsewhere, the combined shortage of Bibles and lack of pastoral and leadership training provides a fertile ground for cults and false teachings around the world. Eric Vess with World Help says one of their projects is to help train church leaders in India. “We are sponsoring a conference a Siligory, India which is a strategically located area where 400 pastors will come to be encouraged and to be inspired and to be taught in church planting and training. A lot of these pastors endure incredible persecution on a daily basis.” Vess explains their group relies on national partnerships to choose what’s best for local leaders. “Sometimes the training that we provide is the only opportunity that pastor may have the entire year to meet with other pastors, to be encouraged and to hear someone give him some ideas to increase his vision.”
Vess says they are working to heighten the awareness of the need for pastoral training and the financial costs involved.

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