Story number 4 for 7 Mar 2001

By March 7, 2001

(Bangladesh)–Next, we take a look at the ministry of International Needs Network in Bangladesh. IN’s Dave Culross says they’ve had nothing but good news from the field. This, despite the fact Bangladesh is an active Muslim country, and there are some restrictions in place. “We can’t even call our workers there evangelists or church planters. We call them ‘community workers’. One of the ways we establish relationships and earn the right to be heard from the spiritual perspective is by doing community health sessions and classes , training of workers in secretarial skills , things of this nature, maybe in stitchery and sewing.” Culross says in many restricted countries, western missionaries are unable to preach the Gospel effectively, if at all. That’s why International Needs connects Christian partners in evangelism, discipleship and community development. “This opens a lot of doors and enables our people to really touch lives, who, without this, would not even listen to claims of Jesus Christ.”

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