Story number 4 for 7 Nov 2000

By November 7, 2000

Meanwhile, poverty, spiritualism, and the occult create an interesting mission field in Haiti. Farms International’s Jeff Boshart developed his project in the country’s remote central plateau area. Boshart explains their challenge. “People do not trust each other, and that carries over into the churches and that has great ramifications for a loans program in a church, when leaders of the church see rivalries, a lot of jealousy, a lot of mistrust. I think Satan is really working in that way to keep Christians from becoming unified, and the Gospel from advancing.” Boshart says despite the obstacles facing the ministry, he can see hope penetrating the area. “The Gospel really has made a difference in people’s lives. Protestant churches are popping up everywhere-it’s encouraging to see how Farms can come alongside what’s happening and try to help some people not only out of their spiritual poverty, but try to help them with their physical poverty as well. Haiti is a country that still has lots of prayer needs, but I think the Gospel has foothold.”

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