Story number 4 for 7 Nov 2002

By November 7, 2002

(Russia)–Next, Russian churches need your help as they attempt to reach children with the Gospel. The Slavic Gospel Association has started what they’re calling “Emanuel’s Child” an effort to help Russian churches establish effective outreaches for children. SGA’s Michael Johnson says your gift of 25-dollars helps buy gifts, Bibles and humanitarian aid attracting children to church. “Over 90-percent of the children that come to these outreaches have never stepped foot in a church. They’ve never heard the Gospel. So, this is an opportunity for these kids to hear the Gospel for the very first time, and their families. And, we anticipate that thousands and thousands of children throughout the former Soviet Union will hear the Gospel for the first time.” Johnson says these are troubling times for Russia, but opportunities for ministry continue. “Their economy, the crime rate, the drug problems, all the social problems that they’re experiencing has left these people with a tremendous emptiness and hopelessness and it’s through that, that the Gospel is being preached and many people are coming to faith.”

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