Story number 4 for 7 Oct 2002

By October 7, 2002

(Honduras)–We turn next to Honduras, where International Aid is doing its part to conquer blindness. “World Sight Day” is Thursday, October 10th. International Aid’s Judith Zelaya says their work helps the sightless in more ways than one. “Through our partnership with International Aid, we were able to open an eye clinic in the main city of Honduras. There is a big need for eye clinics in Honduras. In a year, we have been able to see over four-thousand patients, and we have done more than two-hundred surgeries.” Zelaya says their work also opens the door for evangelism. She shares a personal story. “This guy came to the clinic and I asked him if he knew the Lord. He didn’t know anything about the Lord, and I explained the plan of salvation, and he was very excited to accept the Lord. Two weeks after that, he got killed by a gang member in the streets. I was so happy that he had accepted the Lord; that was his last opportunity.”

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