Story number 4 for 8 Aug 2002

By August 8, 2002

(USA)–Meanwhile, as mission agencies continue to talk about the need for workers in the field, not much is being said about training for those being called. International Messengers is preparing those people to reach the lost for Christ. International Messenger’s Bob Rasmusson says while many mission groups require long term formal theological education, their program’s a bit different. “It’s a four month intensive training program and it provide opportunities for average lay people to get some theological training, cross cultural ministry training, evangelism training.” Rasmusson says this type of training isn’t just helping the short term missionary force. “Close to 80-percent of them are staying on longer, for at least another year, some of them for a long term.” Rasmusson expects more of these types of training programs to emerge as many early retirees are called to the field.

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