Story number 4 for 8 Mar 2001

By March 8, 2001

(International)–Meanwhile, a powerful prayer is changing lives worldwide with the help of teacher and founder of Walk Thru the Bible, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. WTTB’s Terry Sparks says in the prayer of Jabez, he asked for God’s blessing and for the Lord to make him a greater person than he was. Wilkinson has since written a book on the passage, and Sparks explains how this Old Testament prayer and their work are growing. “We have seen tremendous growth of World Teach, and we pass this book out to people and say that it’s the business card of World Teach. It explains the growth that we’ve seen this year, and we believe it’s because we’ve been praying the prayer of Jabez.” Sparks says the prayer of Jabez is a great tool for World Teach as new evangelists begin their work. “When you pray this way, that God would bless you, and enlarge your ministry, give you more ministry, then obviously you’re going to need the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is the idea of keeping His hand on you, and keep you from evil.”

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