Story number 4 for 8 May 2002

By May 8, 2002

(USA)–Next, while school isn’t over in the United States an organization is already getting ready for next year. PrayerZone America’s John Hulett says they’re coordinating a new program called “The 91 Days of Prayer.” “The 91 Days of Prayer involves a project that goes from May 15th to September 18th. And, what it focuses on is prayer walking middle and high school public schools. And, our objective there is to begin a process of prayer that will prepare that school for campus ministry in the fall.” According to Hulett, as people pray for schools around the country, he believes God will work and people will turn to Christ. “When local Christians start praying for their school, then student leaders from those churches are going to become the leaders in that school and campus coach and youth pastors are going to focus on helping those kids reach Christ in those schools.” (Go to for more information).

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