Story number 4 for 9 Oct 2001

By October 9, 2001

(Zambia)–Elsewhere, Grace Ministries International is reporting great success for a massive outreach effort in Zambia. GMI’s Sam Vinton says the timing was just right for both those they reached and the churches. “The country of Zambia has been strongly emphasizing through the government the need of God as the one to lead the country, and proclaiming Zambia as pro-Christian. There is that openness; so, the dangers of that [are] because people could just be making a nominal confession, which, of course, is why we need to do good counseling and follow-up.” Vinton says 51-thousand people came over the course of six meetings to hear the Gospel and many responded. “There’s a need, I think, in many parts of Africa now, to turn to God after they’ve attempted many other things to do, thinking that that would bring meaning to life. I think it’s God’s season and we need to enter in and do everything we can while the field is open.”

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