Story number 4 for 9 Sep 2002

By September 9, 2002

(International)–We turn next to examine the results of a series of teacher development seminars that were held recently. The international meetings are all a part of the bigger vision of Worldwide Christian Schools. The groups’s purpose, through education, is to help needy children come to Christ. Dale Dieleman says their message is simple: “What we’re saying is that we can have Christian education on the door of any school in the world, but what is the quality of that Christian education; how are the teachers being trained to apply faith: faith and learning in the classroom?” Dieleman says the seminars were held this summer in areas where they have their projects; he adds that the response was refreshing. “This is new ground for many teachers teaching, even in established Christian schools around the world, because they haven’t had an opportunity for this kind of training such as they would have at a Christian college or university teacher education program, here in the States, or in Canada, or some other countries.”

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