Story number 5 for 11 Aug 2000

By August 11, 2000

And finally, CAM International is celebrating a golden anniversary. Radio station TGNA of Guatemala has grown with the country, seen many changes, experienced 50 years of ministry and is sharing the good news. Director Steve Sywulka (sih-WULL-kuh). “TGNA has been a very, very important part of the growth of the evangelical church in Guatemala. Back in 1950, evangelicals were perhaps two to three percent of the population. Today they are somewhere between thirty and forty percent.” Sywulka adds they’ve been celebrating all year, but they’re looking forward to one really big event this coming Sunday. “We hope to get about thirty-thousand people filling the national soccer stadium, and celebrating together God’s work over the last 50 years. We’ve invited Andrew Panasiuk, he’s an Argentine Russian. We also have a singer named Miguel Angel Guerra, who is providing special music.” Sywulka asks that people will pray for the station and its ministry. He says they’ve experience rapid expansion over the last three years, which includes 17 new repeaters, additional equipment and new expenses.

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