Story number 5 for 11 Aug 2003

By August 11, 2003

(USA)–And, according to the World Health Organization, more than one billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water. Living Water International’s Lew Hough says that’s one hurdle barring the way to development. “The idea of providing a sanitary borehole, or some means of cleaning surface water, and then teaching sanitation, health and hygiene, is absolutely crucial if an area is to stabilize and begin to develop.” Churches, in partnership with Living Water, can meet spiritual and community needs Hough says they’re looking to teams to be formed to work their projects, one of which is Guatemala. “We have a training program here in Houston for individuals who would like to learn how to utilize our equipment. We have short-term mission trips; I take groups down to Guatemala, and these are people who don’t have a background in water well drilling, but just people that have a heart for ministry.” Hands-on training includes equipment maintenance and operations, along with the opportunity to hear how God’s uses the work around the world.

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