Story number 5 for 11 Jan 2001

By January 11, 2001

And, we told you earlier about Walk Thru The Bible’s newest launch to help African pastors deal with the AIDS pandemic in their churches. Now, we bring the follow-up from a missions group that wants to put feet to their words. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton says Bruce Wilkerson of Walk Thru the Bible will be in Zambia next week. “I’ve gotten hold of our missionaries and some of our national pastors to attend the meetings and see what we can do as far as getting materials from him. I know the African pastors have a difficult time dealing with this in church-so, to me, this is a real answer to prayer.” Vinton adds: “People are going to be able to relate and apply what he has to say because that’s the whole mode; the way he teaches and so I’m excited to see that the materials will be available…to see how he’s going to put it together for us to be able to use this and teach in our churches.”

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