Story number 5 for 11 Sep 2001

By September 11, 2001

(USA)– And finally, Food For the Hungry is celebrating three decades of meeting physical and spiritual needs around the world. Dr. Larry Ward started the organization in 1971 because the thought of thousands of people dying every day was overwhelming. Ward says they had a particularly sharp focus. “From day one, our first definition was of the two hungers: the physical and the spiritual, and I hope we’ll always talk about it, because what a tragedy if we keep people alive just to spend an eternity apart from God. So, the two were always absolutely, completely linked.” Ward says, over the years, disaster and suffering have taken their toll on those who can help. “We’ve seen it so much, we’ve heard it so much that it just doesn’t touch us anymore. I was thinking just this morning, we’re so accustomed to it; it isn’t new anymore-‘compassion fatigue’.” Ward says they work with churches to address needs in crisis areas.

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